Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Windows XP rebuild, minor annoyances

For me to remember for next time...   to turn off all the sliding, popping, animating pish on the default UI, and set things back to 'normal'...

  • System Properties->Advanced; sort out all the other visual nonsense in Performance (click Settings)
  • Taskbar right click ->Properties; sort out all that stuff too (like grouping, hide inactive, etc..), including customising start menu
  • Usual stuff on control panel, but be sure to get Locale in Regional & Language panel for UK & French, and fix proxies in Internet Settings panel (if not done from IE)
  • Tools->Options from Windows Explorer, notably uncheck "Automatically search for network folders", "Launch folder windows in a separate process" and stuff about hidden/system files as needed.
  • office suite, Tools->Customise->Always show full menus (check box)
  • internet explorer, Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Enable Personalised Favourites Menu (uncheck box), plus fix the ton of crap in there too
  • oh, and stinking autocorrect options...!
  • fix outlook so it looks normal, in Tools->Options mostly, making sure cached exchange mode is on (in accounts), fonts done, sig added, maybe find old dictionary/lookups?, spelling is set to something sane, reading pane works as expected, turn on enterprise vault pish too.
  • run firefox -profilemanager from cli to point to old profile
  • sort out synctoy and syncmycal
  • configure up google desktop
  • map network drives
  • move application caches to somewhere normal (Java, IE)
  • remember VPN client too..
  • er, that's it..?

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