Friday, June 22, 2012

chrome & windows profile space

This is a bit like the problem I had with netbeans; chrome default installer puts a lot of stuff - including the executable - in your user directory.  On my work laptop, that's profile space.  And some genius decided to put a quota on profile space...  therefore, merely installing chrome will fill the quote, and result in a million and one pop-ups and errors.

Google provide a nice alternate installer - and there they describe how you use this to install it for multiple users.  If you're not a machine with multiple user accounts, you may not consider the need...  In fact, the alternate installs to Program Files (sensibly), so every account can use it, but as a side affect, it stops filling up your individual profile.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HTC Desire Z, strange keyboard shortcuts

So, latest HTC Desire Z update (to 2.3.3) seems to cause weird issues on the 'real' keyboard, and the behaviour is intermittent.

For example, you'll be typing an SMS, and when you press certain keys, other apps will open.  Which is annoying.  Curiously, rebooting the phone solves it, until a few days later and it'll start doing it again.

First off, it's not in the Settings->Keyboard shortcuts preferences!

Look in Settings->Applications, and choose 'Quick Launch'.  A handful of shortcuts are defined - b, e, g and s - by default. You can clear the assigned ones by long press on the row.  Solved...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Android must haves, July 2011

Righty, time for a quick update on what's being used.  All change since February.

In no particular order, and no links cos i'm lazy...

  • zeam - first thing to be added!
  • google+ - and we'll see how that goes
  • facebook - for the rest of the time, not liking new version, too much unclickable whitespace
  • gtasks - lovely, syncs with google tasks
  • flick note - also lovely, syncs with simplenote
  • advanced clock widget - since you can customise it
  • circle battery widget - for it is simple (although use previous mostly)
  • blue skies [live wallpaper] - nice and subtle effect, not too garish nor distracting
  • google goggles - for the occasional 2d barcode or price check
  • national trust - for the occasional 'what shall we do now?' moment (good work Martin!)
  • sms backup - the one by Christophe Studer, very nice - SMS into a gmail folder
  • wifi analyser - for rare occasions finding hotspots
  • free english dictionary - by oeri, which is most useful (top work Neil!)
  • google translate - helps with my french, a lot
Besides that, the normal handset core apps are good enough.  I tend to change phones quite often, and can't be dealing with the hassle of changing too much everytime.  So, gmail, native exchange capable mail client, calendar, native messaging, native browser, google maps (love this) - they all tend to be daily use.  Replacing the stock apps for core functions is a bit of a faff just now to be honest - particularly as the native ones are very good indeed.

Other things I don't bother with - kindle, I just take my kindle...  Ebay, well, can't be bothered.  Games - on occasion, but bored of Angry Birds (and it's related Seasons, Rio) a while ago.  Google Reader - same really.  Nowadays, I prefer to keep things simple. 

Thursday, June 02, 2011

xp, excel and scroll lock

I still don't know why it does this, but it does it rarely enough for me to forget how to fix it.

Excel decides scroll lock is on, and won't allow cursor navigation of cells.  The little box on the bottom says "SCRL" in it.

The scroll lock key on the keyboard (with or without any combination of alt, ctrl, etc) does nothing.

Open up the on-screen keyboard, and click the 'virtual' scroll lock key.

Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On-Screen Keyboard

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Android must haves, Feb 2011 edition

In alphabetical order...
  • Abduction - a firm favorite with the kids, mostly because it's got a broad range of difficulty levels, and since it's very nice
  • Android System Info (by ElectricSheep) - handy on occasion
  • Angry Birds / Seasons - I play this a fair bit, and it's very good - which goes without saying...  [and the valentines update for 'seasons is good...]
  • Ansta - nice call log manager, simple interface to sort and slice call logs
  • Bubble Popper - for the kids, I can't stand it...
  • Circle Battery Widget (by Cedric Depoortere) - a circle with a number in it, which changes colours sometimes and tells you how much battery you have left, sorted
  • Ebay - official app, which is useful on occasion
  • Etherophone - wibbly wobbly noises to keep kids amused for 5 minutes
  • Free English Dictionary (by oeri technology) - nice & simple dictionary & thesaurus, written by my mate Neil
  • Google Chrome to Phone - handy on occasion, since I use chrome on home pc
  • Google Reader - official app, which gets weekly use, although sometimes it's a bit slow imho
  • [Google] Shopper - useful sometimes, nice to have image and voice search
  • Jewels - see Bubble Popper
  • Mahjong (by Magma Mobile) - I do like this, needs a large screen
  • Message Scroller - which I think I downloaded during a rather long and boring meeting so I could send rude messages across the room
  • mNote - which syncs nicely with SimpleNote; together they're absolutely essential for taking text notes (I gave up on Evernote a while back - too complex)
  • National Trust - written by my mate Martin - I do like this a lot, expect a lot of use over the summer
  • NinJump - kids like this too, all rather simple
  • Paper Toss - it's ok, one for the kids
  • Rocket Bunnies - kids like it, i'm not so sure...  very professional game though
  • Slice it! - bit too complex for the kids, but professionally done, really well presented
  • SMS Backup (by Christophe Studer) - is the simplest, easiest and thus best SMS backup app i've found (essential imho, couldn't get Jan Berkel's SMS Backup+ to authenticate with Google...)
  • Street View on Google Maps - pretty much standard part of navigation toolkit
  • Tricorder - another old favourite that gets installed on new phones, handy for wifi
  • Zeam Launcher - it's very simple and I like this a lot, particularly removing apps without faffing in settings menu or with market
updated list here.