Sunday, February 14, 2010

USB NAS and Windows 7

Ok, i've got one of those cheap little USB NAS devices, it's probably an Addonics or something, branded GigaNas or Sumvision but they all look the same,  mine came with a CD with SyncQuick software (which I never used).

Edit: it looks identical to this WANSER-R thing - same colour too...

Anyway, besides the normal LAN IP setup - easy enough, my router handed out a nice IP - it needs a tweak in Windows 7 (and perhaps Vista).

The answer universally seems to be to heading off to Control Panel, Administation, Local Security Policy and then...  oh, hang on - i've got Home Premium - it doesn't exist.

(the fix is to change the network settings such that lan manager authentication level is allowed to handle both LN & NTLM, and not just NTLMv2 which is the default.  Also advised to drop the need for 128bit session security)

So without the security manager panel (secpol.msc), I need to open up regedit.


and change it's value from 3 to 1.   Exit, NAS starts to work.

(not sure about the lack of '128 bit' went but it seems to work now)

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