Monday, March 22, 2010

Android apps list 2010 edition

Spookily realised last post on this was March 23rd 2009, which is almost 1 year ago.

This year, i've mostly been using:
  • whichever exchange client comes with the phone - and they're all clunky (moto's is ok, se/// is pish, htc is ok, dataviz roadsync is ok too)
  • google maps - a lot.  buzz enabled? meh...
  • facebook - while clunky sometimes (and tends to freeze on some posting), it's become my primary facebook interface
  • evernote - except it's not in marketplace on current phone...  grrr.  it's good.
  • etherial dialpad - fun, kids like it...
  • tricorder - fun fun fun...  (and useful for wifi finding...)
That's probably it for essentials, not many I guess.   Other stuff I like, and use sometimes:
  • beebPlayer - when i'm desperate for TV
  • compass - never sure why I bother though...
  • [google] finance - if I can't bother finding out how bad my portfolio is elsewhere
  • goggles - cos it's fun sometimes (works well too..)
  • [google] sky map - for entertaining the kids on occasion
  • linkedin - it's pish
  • - very nice indeed, but don't use it much
  • layar - dunno why I bother...
  • newsrob - but always forget to sync it up (very good though)
  • pkt auctions - for when I have ebay on the go
  • tv guide - nice, but seems slow
Can't say i've paid for anything yet, my phones tend to be rather spartan / utilitarian.

UPDATE: Sept 2010 right about here.

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Android Games Apps said...

thanks for the list :) help me to find apps for may new HTC desire :D