Monday, September 20, 2010

Android Must-Haves, Sept 2010 edition

Ok, so moving to the dark side, albeit temporarily I suspect.  So, an update, in case I need to install a load of stuff again.  Can I have 2.2 on Wildfire please?

This past few months, i've mostly been using:

  • Abduction - for the nippers; one of the earliest games i'd played which actually looked good and played well too.
  • ActionComplete - go sign up here - the web / android bit is what makes it (although, web is a bit slow updating imho...)   But, better than Google Tasks...  And uses Google sign in.  Nice.
  • Dropbox - of course!  It's on all my machines, so now on my phone, sorted...  (go here)
  • ebay - for those odd occasions.  Nice enough app for watchlist viewing, but searching is dreadful; same for big screen
  • Evernote - which is used on all machines and all browsers, so mobile access is perfect (go here)
  • Facebook - pretty much a no brainer, but android app has improved a lot in recent builds
  • Goggles - although I never use it...
  • Kindle - i'm still undecided on this, the idea is sound, and syncing to a (real) kindle is good; alas, I don't have one.  So another ebook reader would probably do it just as well (see Aldiko)
  • Paintjoy - which is fun for the kids, I like some of the effects on it, and the 'replay' of you drawing is really cool (shame you can't save the replay, just the final image)
  • Prey - as anti-theft solution.  Wish I had this when I lost the [HTC] Desire.  Bah!
  • Shopper - perhaps i'm just a google junkie, but used once or twice
  • SMS Backup+ - which is great.  It syncs all your SMSs in a gmail folder.  Instant SMS backup.  And free.
  • Talking Tom - for 5 minutes...  (why is this still on my phone?  oh yeh, kids...)
  • Tricorder - yay for geeky wifi scanning and useless other stuff too!  
  • Voice Search - which seems to come built in more and more, but, don't bother imho; my fingers are more accurate than google's speech recognition (and I speak the Queen's English too doncha know..?)
That is all.

updated list here.

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