Friday, April 25, 2008

Canon Scanner 8000F, Mac OS X, Canoscan toolbox

Right, to get this to work properly, Canon recommends using version 4.0.x (and not version 5).

Fine, download the drivers, and download the Canoscan toolbox version.

The trick to making it work - and not getting "no plug-ins found" or similar errors - is to install the toolbox in /Applications, but copy the contents of the driver directory (which is put any-old-where) into the toolbox's Plug-Ins directory.

Thus, when the toolbox starts, and you ask it to scan, it looks in the plug-ins directory for your particular scanner, finds it, and off it goes.

The version of toolbox works on PPC and intel macs (I tried on emac, and on new macbook).

Works ok. Slow, but it's an old scanner...


Vizual Graphix said...

Thank you! My father-in-law has been looking for a fix for the Canon 8000F on his Intel Macbook. whew! a relief to find an answer...

Cristina said...

Thank you very much! My canoscan N676U is working now! I've put the driver Scangear CS 7.0X into the toolbos'x plug-ind directory and the message 'the scan plug-in was not found' has dissapeared and it works perfectly!
Thank you!