Friday, April 25, 2008

Palm desktop, Hotsync & Centro

Dug out my (early) Centro, and decided i'd use it again. Getting fed up with WM6 & 6.1 (too clunky).

So, needed to install the apps. Palm Desktop 6.2 seems latest, so grabbed that.

It complained about an old version of Palm desktop, and it couldn't find the .msi. This was an old issue (see previous...) so fixed that, and got new version in. (as an aside, got a new Dell D420, with corporate build on it. Usual fun & games with it half copying old laptop profile, which is why I think the old Palm desktop 'sort of' existed... needed to fix bluetooth too, although shortcut to control panel is dead - it opens in quickview... oh, and the old palm desktop reappeared in Start/All Programs too. nevertheless...)

Connected up hotsync to new bluetooth COM port (COM ports - this is the 21st century, sheesh...). Found laptop ok, paired up ok - a first really, maybe now we're in 2008 Windows bluetooth is working as i'd expect it to.

It took ages to sync the media, and I had to let it run otherwise it complained... After ~20 minutes (there were lots of photos on, well, somewhere)

Lesson learned: remove photos and large things before sync. Besides that, it was ok.

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