Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Windows mobile 6.1 & exchange activesync

That is, when you sync your exchange over-the-air, via GPRS / 3G whatever...

For some reason - a bug no doubt - wm6.1 wouldn't sync and gave me error 0x8503001C. It seems a lot of people have this, and there's a lot of google results which suggest all manner of crazy solutions. This seemed to happen only with either email or calendar chosen.

Mine? don't sync with the webmail address (of the exchange server), use the 'proper' address for it. This, unfortunately, requires you to setup a specific work connection (i.e. a private APN, not the normal internet connection), which causes other hiccups. Saying that, it does work with direct push, which webmail address didn't.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean by proper name?

Neil said...

So, from my corporate setup, we have an exchange server internally, which my desktop outlook (2003) client connects to.
It's the 'proper' server, so has an address like, and is only reached via internal LAN.
It provides a webmail interface too, on say.
Previously, I had two choices:
1 - configure phone to use private (corporate) GPRS APN and the address in activesync
2 - configure phone to use public (internet) GPRS APN and the webmail address in activesync
It seems winmo 6.1 - or perhaps our webmail interface - had changed, so the second option didn't work any longer.