Thursday, February 10, 2011

Android must haves, Feb 2011 edition

In alphabetical order...
  • Abduction - a firm favorite with the kids, mostly because it's got a broad range of difficulty levels, and since it's very nice
  • Android System Info (by ElectricSheep) - handy on occasion
  • Angry Birds / Seasons - I play this a fair bit, and it's very good - which goes without saying...  [and the valentines update for 'seasons is good...]
  • Ansta - nice call log manager, simple interface to sort and slice call logs
  • Bubble Popper - for the kids, I can't stand it...
  • Circle Battery Widget (by Cedric Depoortere) - a circle with a number in it, which changes colours sometimes and tells you how much battery you have left, sorted
  • Ebay - official app, which is useful on occasion
  • Etherophone - wibbly wobbly noises to keep kids amused for 5 minutes
  • Free English Dictionary (by oeri technology) - nice & simple dictionary & thesaurus, written by my mate Neil
  • Google Chrome to Phone - handy on occasion, since I use chrome on home pc
  • Google Reader - official app, which gets weekly use, although sometimes it's a bit slow imho
  • [Google] Shopper - useful sometimes, nice to have image and voice search
  • Jewels - see Bubble Popper
  • Mahjong (by Magma Mobile) - I do like this, needs a large screen
  • Message Scroller - which I think I downloaded during a rather long and boring meeting so I could send rude messages across the room
  • mNote - which syncs nicely with SimpleNote; together they're absolutely essential for taking text notes (I gave up on Evernote a while back - too complex)
  • National Trust - written by my mate Martin - I do like this a lot, expect a lot of use over the summer
  • NinJump - kids like this too, all rather simple
  • Paper Toss - it's ok, one for the kids
  • Rocket Bunnies - kids like it, i'm not so sure...  very professional game though
  • Slice it! - bit too complex for the kids, but professionally done, really well presented
  • SMS Backup (by Christophe Studer) - is the simplest, easiest and thus best SMS backup app i've found (essential imho, couldn't get Jan Berkel's SMS Backup+ to authenticate with Google...)
  • Street View on Google Maps - pretty much standard part of navigation toolkit
  • Tricorder - another old favourite that gets installed on new phones, handy for wifi
  • Zeam Launcher - it's very simple and I like this a lot, particularly removing apps without faffing in settings menu or with market
updated list here.

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