Monday, October 25, 2010

Motorola / Motoblur, Flipout and photo upload to Picasa

Ok, so it's not exactly rocket science: you take a photo, and choose to either 'share' it or 'quick upload' it.  This is on the Moto Flipout (sure my old Dext worked ok).

Try #1: choose "quick upload", which seems to use the Motoblur social thing to kind of proxy it out to Picassa (i.e. picasaweb).  That doesn't seem to work, since it says there's no data connection available after rumbling away for a while.  It lies.  The forums suggest it's a size issue, which, if true, is stupid.

Try #2: try to share, then choose Picasa (I have a Picasa account setup).  The goes through the motions of uploading - a nice red bar in the notification bar, but also fails.  With no real error.

The way to make it work is to go in Galllery app, open Menu and choose 'More', then 'Settings'.  In there is an item called "Quick Upload Album".  Choose that, and choose email.

In the meantime, head over to Picasaweb and it's settings.  In there, enable upload via email; where you need to give a secret word.  It gives you a nice email address of the form   Save the settings!

Go back to your phone, and add that address for the quick address album.  All quick uploaded photos nicely appear in your picasaweb dropbox.  Without comments, and without a choice of another album.  And it probably sends via your default email account (i.e. probably not your google one).  But, it works.

(the alternative of course is to 'share' via email, and you have to compose the email, but can choose the subject line to relate to the album.  'quick upload to email' is a one-click operation)

[sort it out eh Motorola?  firmware update would be nice...]

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