Friday, November 14, 2008

install freeciv SDL client on Aspire One linpus

Not sure why, but this was a hassle; how to run a workable freeciv on the AA1 linux version.  First of all, make sure you haven't installed freeciv from the normal fedora repository; it will use the GTK client and it won't fit onscreen (it's 1024x768).  Remove it.  The easy way then...

(all commands as root / sudo)

  1. head to, and look in the unofficial distributions (or go here )
  2. choose the fedora 8 version (of 2.1 for now) c/o VJSchiavoni
  3. ignore that completely...   :-)    although for investigative purposes, note that each rpm is stored on Andy Jamison's website / repository...  [AJRepo]
  4. ... which is here .
  5. then ignore that completely, since his "get the Repo RPM" (v1.4) download doesn't work...  :-/   [404 file not found]
  6. google for the rpm for "ajrepo noarch.rpm"; you'll probably find v2.2 here 
  7. click that, and the repository should install
  8. run up a terminal (alt-ft, run terminal), and head to /etc/yum repos directory (whose name escapes me, but it's obvious - called yum.repo.d or somesuch)
  9. ensure that the repo config file for ajrepo is enabled; edit the file and it will probably have enabled=0, so change that to a 1
  10. run a quick sudo yum install freeciv-client-sdl
  11. that will work out it needs server and all sorts of things...  so say yes, it'll fetch it all, and install
  12. for some reason (i'm sure there's logic somewhere) the client is installed in /etc/alternatives
  13. run it, and be pleased...   set it to 1024x768 to fit, and choose fullscreen ...
  14. ... then note that the full screen settings aren't sticky (restart of client is not fullscreen)
  15. so head to user directory (ie just cd not as root) and edit the .civclientrc file (named something like that, again, it's obvious).   It has a fullscreen=0, so change that to 1
In game, use fn + keys with blue numbers to move using numeric keypad...

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