Friday, November 02, 2007

Save Task Order - Outlook-Exchange 2003

Save Task Order - Outlook-Exchange 2003

This was really annoying, basically every time you do a 'Save & Close' for an open task 'edit' window, it'd pop up with the annoying "Please save the task order by clicking Save Task Order blah blah" message, with an annoying sound effect too.

The Microsoft support site seems to be lying; it suggests creating a new tasks folder and copying all the old tasks, which does nothing.

Instead, the above link seems to have the fix, although i'm not sure which bit actually fixes.

1 - "Customize [sic] Current View..."
2 - in "Filter..." disable all filters. I had complete=no in advanced.
3 - in "Other Settings..." un-check the "Allow in-cell editing"

Now, when you double click a task in the list, it opens. When you "save & close", it closes, no hassle.

I went back and enabled the filter (so I don't see completed tasks) and it didn't break anything. Then I went back and checked "allow in-cell" again, and that didn't break anything either. hmm.

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