Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Damn Small Linux (DSL), 50 megabytes of penguin power

Damn Small Linux (DSL), 50 megabytes of penguin power

... and it's the only small linux I can install - frugally, not from live CD.

Spec: P166, 64mb, 4gb HD, CD, floppy, 2 x USB - and the worst bit - no CD booting...

Both the DSL boot image, and also with smart boot manager.

Problem 1: DSL install CD doesn't seem to like it if the partition to install to isn't ext2. Since the box had Windows [95!] on it, it barfed and didn't seem to give me the partition tool; instead, it booted into CD mode happily enough, but that didn't give me cfdisk...

Soooo, dig out an old old Red Hat 7 CD, and install that. At least during the install you can partition. Once partitions written, reboot and try with DSL on nice ext2. Lovely.

Now I need to work out
a) how the file_install business works
b) install Samba

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