Wednesday, July 12, 2006

M600i sync with outlook

Product support - - Sony Ericsson

This page doesn't really help so much, and most of the problems are with Intuwave's m-router software imho.

So, syncing with a Dell Latitude D4010 laptop, now with SP2 - the SE/// software needs SP2, so in that went...

The general sunny day scheme appears to be:
a) normal USB or Bluetooth [COM] ports exist
b) mRouter 'controls' those ports
c) mRouter then passes control to SE/// Sync Manager

mRouter has a number of config items in 'Advanced', which lets you choose which ports for it to keep an eye on.

First of all, USB. The phone has a USB setting that can be changed when it's not plugged in; either 'Phone Mode' or 'File Transfer'. File transfer mode basically makes it show up as a normal disk drive, although it doesn't seem to allow moving files...

I can't get it to do a sync in Phone Mode, even though mRouter is told to look at USB; in fact, it shows "MCCI (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)". It also shows "Palm" for my Treo...

Next step then Bluetooth - which is always always always a pain in the behind. The secret which I discovered was that the mRouter software doesn't recognise my standard Dell bluetooth driver (which is by Toshiba..).

This is evident when you use mRouter 'General Settings' tab, there's a 'Setup Wizard'. In my case, choosing this creates a popup, shows some general (misleading) text, and a 'Finish' button only. The documentation shows a 'Next'.

How to make it work then...
1) use your normal bluetooth software to discover your M600i
obviously turn on bluetooth, discoverable, etc. on the phone..
2) create a new connection but do it custom
3) in the popup, choose the serial connection
4) sort out whatever PINs and pairing are required
5) once paired, choose 'Detail' for the device
6) this will show whichever COM port is used for that serial service, in my case 40 (yes, 40...)
7) go back to mRouter, and select 'Advanced Settings' tab
8) choose the setup for 'Additional COM ports'
9) choose the port noted in step 6 (e.g. 40), the save/close
10) go back to bluetooth software, and 'connect' to the device
11) after a few seconds, it will connect up bluetooth serial
12) after a few more, the mRouter taskbar icon will go green (not red)
13) open the SE/// sync manager (the taskbar icon will probably still have the red cross/unconnected symbol)
14) wait, and it'll say 'Connected to XXXX'
15) choose sync

Repeat steps 10 to 15 every time you want to sync....

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