Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Treo 650 and Gmail

Ok, Treo 600 does not natively support POP & SMTP with Gmail.

Treo 650 does, and config is easy. See the google document on the settings required.

Running the account wizard;
  1. Choose Mail Service = 'Other' and Protocol = 'POP'.
  2. Username and password is the full gmail stuff, inc.
  3. Email address is the same, with and as incoming/outgoing servers.
  4. Basic setup is done, choose 'Advanced'
  5. Incoming Server, use port 995, and select 'Use Secure Connection (SSL)', but not the other one ('Use Authentication (APOP)').
  6. Outgoing Server, user port 587, and select both 'Use Secure Connection (SSL)' and 'Use authentication (ESMTP)'
  7. The username/password dialogue should appear, and be populated with the username/password as above.

Click done, and everything is good.

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