Monday, February 06, 2006

Windows cleanup

So my laptop is getting crufty, and I want some free stuff to sort it out.

I've sorted out my files, which are now sorted into an 'archive me' directory tree - for pictures, etc, and a 'don't bother' directory structure - for downloads, quick notes, etc.

Then, I got hold of WinDirStat (Windows only - I use WhatSize on the Mac) which nicely visualises where the crap is. Lots of archiving from outlook later, things look better. Cleaned up a good 5 or so gig.

Next step, have a look at this page which notes three apps that will help clean up the registry. They all did as advertised, with no ill effects. Can't say about positive effects but I feel better thinking my PC is clean.

And finally, have a look at SpyBot Search and Destroy which cleans up all manner of 'spyware', of assorted kinds.


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