Saturday, December 31, 2005

Enabling iSync for Palm OS devices on Mac OS X

This one confused me for a bit, but it's fairly obvious.

When the hotsync / palm desktop installs, it will have a whole bunch of conduits setup. Run Hotsync Manager, it should be enabled (from the 'Controls' tab) and the right connection should be enabled (from the Connection Settings tab).

First off, you need to see the conduit settings - which is not a button nor tab on that window, it's in the Hotsync menu - Conduit Settings (or command-J). That'll open up a window with a list of conduits present.

If you've had a previous version of hotsync installed, it'll have all the old conduits - eg you'll see duplicates. This is easy; it warns you of which ones to remove once you've done a sync.

However, while it has iSync Conduit with 'Next Hotsync Action' as "See Conduit Settings", it doesn't mean 'go have a look at iSync'; it actually means, press the (only) button 'Conduit Settings' and check the "Enable iSync for this Palm device". Then the device will appear in iSyncs line up.

If you don't do that, the device is not noticed by iSync, and will never start when you sync (it'll only do hotsync). When iSync does start, then it will use the settings defined for that device.

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