Friday, December 09, 2005

bluetooth hotsync Treo 650 with Windows / Toshiba

This was a real pain.

After reading numerous articles on what to do, I was still stuck. The basic setup is to run the setup wizard from the treo, and follow the steps.

That's it. The wizard essentially says, create a local COM port on the PC, enter that port in the HotSync application (Settings->Local tab), make sure the 'Local' port is ticked, off you go.

My laptop (a Tosh portege) has the Toshiba bluetooth software installed. Looking at the COM ports (via Control Panel->Bluetooth local COM) shows a load. My mistake was to tell the PC HotSync to use the COM port tagged as "LocalCOM-Client". What happens is that bluetooth connects, but HotSync on the PC never starts. Eventually, HotSync on the Treo times-out.

Tell HotSync to use the port assigned as "LocalCOM-Server[SerialPort(TOSHIBA LocalCOM)]" instead, and is starts and syncs perfectly.

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