Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exporting Blogger blog

Ok, so I wanted my blog in a 'sane' format, for complete offline re-edit, and no republish.  That is, a whole bunch of content is in the blog and got there because it was easy.   And now it's complete.  Oh, and nicer (er, more appropriate) things like Evernote are around.

Anyway, I wanted to export it all.  It's all text, no images.

Blogger export does a rather heavy atom / xml document, which to be honest isn't really usable.  I thought about hacking up / reusing some java sax/dom nonsense, but i'm too lazy and it's too late.

One suggestion which like (and which works well enough) is:

  1. view all the posts on one page,
    e.g. goto (as appropriate)
  2. use the browser's 'save as' function, I chose "text"
  3. edit the file...
Worked ok for me, got a nice text file which needs a bit of a hack, but much much less than faffing with atom...

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