Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2Gb SD card, part 2

Back to this old chestnut, it's partitioned & formatted as 971Mb FAT 32 yet it's a 2Gb card. 

Windows XP SP2 has a hard time partitioning these things... so go fetch HPUSBF.  There's two versions, one dos, one windows (it has W in the exe name!), both of which are in the zip.

This works for USB drives, so put the SD card in a USB card reader.  Note that this doesn't need to be SDHC for a 2Gb card, but would be for any larger (e.g. 4Gb+).  It doesn't work in the inbuilt SD card slot in my Dell D420, hence need for adaptor.

XP picks this up as a USB drive, so run HPUSBF, and partition that as 2Gb as expected.  Eject it, then stick SD in SD slot.  Windows notices it's not formatted, so format it as 1.91Gb as you'd expect.  Done.

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