Monday, May 19, 2008

Windows mobile & internet proxies

Nasty bug, only really causing me hassle with WM 6.1...

I've got two connections on my phone, internet and work. Internet has no proxies, and connects straight to the Orange orangeinternet apn. Easy.

My work connection uses a private APN, but doesn't need proxies. It sync email, calendar, contacts and tasks over-the-air. But, the phone is also synced with my PC, to sync files, and SplashID.

However, when I sync with the PC, it knows I sync OTA, and doesn't touch those conduits. But it decides to add my corporate proxy (which my laptop needs for internet) to the proxy of the work section; thus, after an activesync with the PC, the work connection has "connects to Internet" ticked, and also "uses proxy" ticked, and set to the laptop proxy.

The consequence is that the internet browser (pocket IE, or Opera) fails since it can't find a proxy.

Solution (and a bad one at that): untick proxy on the work connection after each PC sync... bah .

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