Thursday, October 11, 2007

Windows Vista printing on Windows 98 printer

So, file sharing sorted. Now printer sharing, such that mobile Vista laptop can print to fixed printer attached to Windows 98 machine.

As previously, all the firewall, IP and the IP was sorted.

On Win 98 box, go to printer, right click and choose er, Sharing. Enable it, but leave the password field empty! [more on that later]

On Vista, add a printer. It won't find it as a network printer, due to some weird bug (google it).

Instead, add it as a local printer, but create a new port for it. A tiny pop up asks for the port details, enter //remotemachinename/printername and it'll go off and think for a bit. Quite a long bit in fact. After a fashion, it'll say 'added printer, blah blah', then print a test page.

Go to the other room, wait some more while Win98 thinks for a bit, and out it comes. Ok, so it's not so bad, probably 20 - 30 seconds to start printing.

Regarding the passwords, for some reason, the Vista box doesn't have the ability to ask for the username nor passwords for printing (in the same way it does for file sharing), so leave it blank. It'll complain 'passwords don't match' otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tip !!

Just one comment...I had to enter:


i.e. backward slashes before the remotemachinename.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, just spent most of the morning trying to do this....