Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Mail App & Treo / Centro

Google Mail: Help Centre - Can I use the Google Mail application on my Treo?

This page pretty much explains it all - except for a few things.

So, instructions are:
1 - install JVM
2 - REBOOT!!!! it won't have the hooks from Blazer [browser] to JVM unless you do this (take the battery off)
3 - point browser (not JVM) at (or - this generic version has rather dull default buttons, the Treo one has nicer buttons)
also, for now, gmail web browsing does link to 'faster gmail' at the top of the web version, which links to app download, but after the link it notes that Palm OS 5 isn't supported - i.e. you don't get link to java jad file
4 - browser will ask to SAVE it, do so
5 - have a look at JVM, it should be doing install stuff
6 - wait til it finishes, and change prefs of JVM


Annoyingly enough anyway, the URL form in the JVM install app doesn't let you type underscores (or other special characters probably) nor does it allow you to copy/paste into that form. The easiest way to get the URL onto the palm is to email it to yourself and click the link from the email...

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