Monday, December 05, 2005

Treo 650, timezones & Outlook

I've got an Orange Treo 650, latest build. I sync this with my Win XP laptop, with Outlook 2002. It's a work laptop, and I also use OneBridge to sync remotely - although this is for inbox only. The other conduits, contacts, notes, and notably calendar are synced locally via cable.

I was really pleased that Treo 650 supports timezones for calendar entries. I often have meetings or calls that are scheduled in CET (France), and since I live in GMT (London) it's nice to be able to put the invites in their original timezone.

However, it doesn't sync properly. Outlook doesn't understand timezones, and really snarfs up the synced calendar if you start entering timezones on the Treo.

I've now gone back to the Treo 600 way of doing it - simply convert all 'foreign' timezone meetings back to native GMT, and all is well..

Lesson learned: avoid mucking about with timezones on Treo 650.

One still odd behaviour, an Outlook calendar invite sent my someone in France will have it's start as a CET time, say 11am. Outlook will convert this to GMT for PC viewing, here 10 GMT. But when it syncs this, the Treo will get the proper time (11am), but the wrong timezone (CET). Worst of all, Treo suddenly thinks that that day is all CET, so other entries from me are wrong... bah.

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